June 5th, 2017

How 3D visualization can make your workplace safer – The importance of visualization in work safety.

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Safety first is an internationally accepted slogan and its application is pivotal in the running of an enterprise. An organization might be existing for profit but it cannot achieve its entrepreneurial goals without focusing on the potential threats that could harm the business. In fact, the application of security measures in business can be traced back beyond decades. Years back, employees even used radios to alert their supervisors if they are in danger. Today, there are various technologies that help in bettering the security maintenance within an organization and 3D Visualization is one such powerful tool.

Always Stay Prepared

The obvious and the supreme advantage of 3D visualization is that you can see potential threats even before they happen and helps you stay prepared. You might be familiar with mock drills that most companies carry out to demonstrate what you should do in case of a disaster in the workplace. But that doesn’t communicate the real range of the problem and it is not a perfect guide. The relaxed and easy mindset during a mock drill will absolutely not be the case during a real damage and there are high chances for you to panic if you don’t have a clear picture of the danger that is happening. This is where interactive 3D visualization can help you. Suppose you are viewing a three dimensional interactive presentation of fire safety demonstration. You can easily understand where will the fire hit first, how long will it take to spread and what you could do to evacuate in complete safety. Furthermore, you can make 3D simulations and understand how certain acts can help or hinder your safety during evacuation. You can also quickly identify who are the employees in immediate danger and what you can do to help them. In other words, you can totally experience every minute impact of the threat even before it happens. 3D visualization can also help an enterprise to continuously monitor their wiring system and power fluctuations to ensure there are no short circuits or other electrical threats. The same technique can be used to train staff in preparing for other disasters such as earthquake, hurricane etc.

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Employee Training

There will be several complex machines within a factory that has to be operated with immense care. Any slight mishandling can put the entire workplace and its human resources in severe danger. Using 3D industrial visualization, it is extremely easy to communicate the operation of the machines and one could clearly see what certain mishandling would result upon. The functions, features and the system behind the operation of each part and component can be demonstrated in detail and this helps in the proper understanding of the machinery. The whats, whys and hows of each component will be crystal clear and the staff can see what danger they are in if they are not careful. Additionally, if at all something goes wrong, they can be trained on how to quickly rectify it and eliminate any threats to the unit and staff.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

Slip and Fall reportedly forms one third of all the injuries in the workplace. More than one million injuries happen every year in the United States due to fall! They can be the result of wet and damaged floors, debris on the floor or other improper workplace maintenance. 3D visualization can make employees aware of the magnitude of the problem and they can easily communicate to their supervisors if they notice any possible trouble in the workplace. They can also provide sufficient first aids if someone gets injured. This also helps management to continuously monitor their enterprise and ensure proper maintenance is applied.

Improve Workplace Coordination and Efficiency

If your job involves heavy lifting, pulling, carrying, moving or pushing items there are several potential troubles that can happen like back and muscle injuries, breaking of limbs and even heart problems. A firm can make use of interactive visualization and quite simply explain to each employee, the care that they should take depending on their physical features and health condition. For example, an organization can easily advice an employee with breathing or other health issues what amount of work he should do each day, how he should go about his work, the maximum weight he can lift etc. This also helps employees divide work among each other and they can easily choose who is suitable for a higher workload. Likewise, if you are employed in an environment that involves a lot of chemicals, smoke, fuel, explosions and so on, interactive visualization and 3D simulation can help you determine the safety compliance. The kind of safety equipment you should wear, the distance you should maintain and the various do’s and don’ts can easily be communicated. The same applies to people working with animals or infectious plants. What could go wrong if such compliances are not met and how to help someone who is in danger will also be clearly known to employees and this makes working environment safer.

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Improve Self Awareness

Hospitals, laboratories, emergency response teams, nursing homes and other such facilities are in constant danger of harming themselves while trying to serve others. The level of trouble an infectious disease in a patient can cause and the measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of other patients and hospital staff can be clearly stated through 3D visualization. Similarly, the proper steps that should be taken to preserve certain vaccines and medicines can also be easily understood. In case of emergency response teams like fire rescue department, several cautions and safety measures that need to be taken while going into different buildings can be made clear. Histories of earlier fire incidents can be collected and the rights and wrongs of previous cases can be used to educate the required security measures. The layout and structure of different buildings can be studied in detail and they can enact rescue acts even before something happens!

These are just some of the examples. The scope of visualization in workplace safety is simply enormous. There cannot be a single industry that will not benefit out of visualization.

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