August 5th, 2017

How Multi Touch Devices are Revolutionizing Interactive 3D Communication.

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Remember the time when we used numeric keypad on our mobile and had to press the same set of keys again and again to obtain the letter or number of our choice? Well, that does sound like a long time ago. Numeric keypads have mostly given way to smart touch screens and that has significantly revolutionized our content viewing or information gathering experience too. Today, with an easy swipe of the thumb, one can easily get access to any information round the world. In other words, the world is in your palm! Such display interfaces that allow inputs through pressure and gestures on multiple points on the surface is known as multi-touch displays. However, its application is not limited to smartphones and tablets alone. Laptops, computers, touchpads, mice, whiteboards etc make use of it too. When content can be accessed through gestures and movements, it provides a better platform for user interactivity. This is why multi-touch displays are the best choice for interactive 3D visualization and simulation.

Product and Architecture Visualization

Imagine you are going through a model car in your multi touch device. In a non multi touch platform, there are plenty of limitations for you to get the complete information regarding the product. You could only view it one way; the way the advertiser has planned. But with multi touch and 3D product visualization, you can rotate the image the way you like and view it from any angle and shape. You could even view it as if from inside the car and get a real feel of it, before you actually see the product. Additionally, you could go on to simulate the product too. If you want to try out different colors of the model, check out the condition of the stereo speakers, the gear system or any other feature… You can! In other words, this is almost like a digital test drive. For a customer, such product visualization techniques provide better understanding of the product and it also saves his precious time, money and energy. Imagine the pain of personally visiting different showrooms to try out different models. Instead, one could easily do his research right from the comfort of his living room. From a user or consumer end, the possibilities are quite enormous. On a similar note, using architecture visualization, a consumer can obtain all the specific details of a land or property he is about to buy.

Industrial Visualization

Now imagine the case of manufacturers or designers. For them, clarity in communication is a pivotal factor. There are several people involved in each stage of production or designing. Only, if every one of them comprehend each other will the end result be compact. For that, ideas have to flow smoothly towards them. Verbal or written communication have their own limitations as ideas presented through words or letters can be interpreted differently by each person and this could lead to chaos. But, a three dimensional interactive visualization would hardly generate any confusion. The amount of time, machinery, manpower and money required can be analysed in depth and it is easy to determine the subsequent impact of these factors are altered. The idea, process and goal behind each stage in the production can also be well explained and this will ensure a quality driven performance.

Similar challenges happen in almost all office setups and not just in manufacturing concerns. No business unit is complete without regular conventions. Innumerable aspects such as the progress of undertakings, performance levels, market behaviors etc have to be often discussed in gatherings to analyse the state of the business. These are bulk pieces of information and it is simply not convenient enough to paper or verbal present them. Imagine halfway through your financial analysis, someone asks you a query related to the beginning part of your report. You cannot go all the way back and read it out all again! A simple powerpoint presentation may also not prove strong enough. It does give you a visual representation of the bulk data, but if you are in a multi touch device, viewing an interactive presentation that facilitates 3D simulation, you can easily pinpoint the minute specific detail you have to explore and also move on to simulate it. That is, you can determine the supposed outcome if you apply a specific strategy or you can get live feedback and information regarding how each minute action would affect the business. Every business unit thinks in terms of longevity and multi touch platforms help management to have long term visions and objectives.

Medical Visualization

The multi touch platform is expected to be a giant leap forward in the medicine and healthcare industry. We have all come across the giant amount of X-Ray and other paper reports that doctors rely upon. Now, they are fast moving towards digital viewing of patient’s medical history. Imagine one single display containing the information from several scanning devices. This will drastically influence the diagnosis and treatment procedure. Doctors and healthcare professionals can literally see how their treatment would impact the patient even before they start their treatment. This way, Medical Visualization helps them to come up with the best possible treatment and also prepare the patient accordingly. Furthermore, doctors could also clearly communicate with patients what their problems are and how they are going to be remedied. They can also advise how certain life habits of the patient impact their internal mechanism. In a similar way, medical students can carry out their research and practice in a simpler yet detailed manner using multi touch platforms. They can accurately perform a surgery even before they actually have a patient!

Interactive Visualization – The Classrooms of the Future

Extending on that note, multi touch platforms will significantly change every field of education there is. Traditional textbooks and chalkboards will soon be replaced by such smart devices and education will soon be interactive. Imagine students trying to pause gravity in an interactive three dimensional interface to understand how gravity functions. Or imagine them changing the price and quality of commodities in the market to understand the economy of a nation. Or envision them changing the position of sun, planet and stars to see how the universe works. This is going to be the classroom of the future!

Defence Visualization

Defence and military is another prominent sector that will soon be revolutionized by multi touch platforms. Soldiers and Army personnel can easily determine the strength and drawbacks of their weaponry or units. In other words, they can test their defence tools without actually using it. Additionally, they can easily analyse how their plans are going to work out and also figure out the key aspects of their unit setups. The personnel can also be trained efficiently as every minute detail regarding their composition can be clearly communicated.

The application level of multi touch platforms is endless. In every aspect of existence, evolution has played a key role. Likewise, with every passage, communication styles have also undergone significant changes. Interactiveness is the next big stage of communication!

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