January 31st, 2017

Plug into the DesignCon 2017

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All the electronic design engineers out there! Designcon is calling you all once again! Since past 21 years, Designcon has been organized every year in the silicon valley. Apart from being the largest gathering of chip, board and system designers in the US, Designcon also welcomes software developers and silicon manufacturers. This educational conference and technological exhibition deepens the knowledge of the attendees and showcases the latest design technologies and tools from top vendors. It’s the perfect platform to network with fellow engineers and get inspired by the experts.

DesignCon Technical Conference:

The DesignCon Technical Conference starts from 31st Jan 2017 to 2nd Feb 2017. There are 14 tracks covering various topics from electronic design including chips, boards, and systems. More than 100 technical paper presentations, panels, and tutorial will be conducted. This will help you stay abreast with the latest theories, methodologies, applications and design tools in your field.

The keynote speakers would enlighten you on

  • Turning signal integrity simulation inside Out;
  • Machine Learning: An Enabling Technique for electronics modeling & design optimization;
  • The internet of things that move – Connected cars & beyond.

If you feel the need to dig deeper into the concepts of signal integrity and PCB fabrication, DesignCon offers two all day training boot camps titled Pragmatic Signal Integrity and PCB Fabrication & Materials.

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The Expo:

The expo opens from 1st to 2nd Feb 2017. Meet more than 185 vendors, gain insights on latest technologies and hone your problem-solving skills at the expo hall. Remember to build your industry network while you update your knowledge at the exhibition. You can attend free training sessions at vendor booths and the Chiphead theater. Learn more about designs at the Keysight Education Forum, that too for free!

Every year, Designcon also gives away the Engineer of the Year Award to those who have given notable contributions towards engineering and product advancement, especially in the field of signal and power integrity. Also, Best Paper Awards are given to the papers that contribute to the educational goals of Designcon.

Cartoon Caption Contest can be your chance to show off your witty and creative side. All you need to do is, submit a humorous caption and get the maximum votes and win!

Mentor Matches in Minutes is an interesting speed networking event where 10-15 new engineers/students get to interact with 10-15 experienced ones. Each newbie gets 5 minutes to interact before getting shifted to another mentor. This session is followed by a casual lunch. Apart from this, there are other networking events like Passport to Prizes Program to connect more personally with the exhibitors and get giveaways and The Museum of Interesting Things where Denny Daniel takes you to the history of communications. From 5 pm to 6 pm, you will get complimentary snacks & drinks at the bar set up by the exhibitors. You know how to make the most out of it? Well, apart from enjoying you also get to connect with like-minded people.

So, head straight to the DesignCon and let the engineer in you get the opportunity to network, learn and have fun!

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