October 5th, 2017

Visualization in classrooms – The Future of interactive 3D in education

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‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ said Nelson Mandela. Classrooms in any little corner of the globe has its impact in making the world a better place to live in. From primitive practices to present day coursebook teaching, education has gone through numerous changes in its style and method. But yet, the world of lessons still seem like an outsider for the students. They learn what they are taught, but they are not quite in it. This is all set to change with most modern interactive 3D visualization tools.

A latest 3D movie has hit the theatres and in the weekend who in your family please you to take them there. The younger ones or the grown ups? It is no surprise that children and young people are the ones that are attracted more towards a 3D movie. Additionally, most of them have easy access to modern technological devices. They know how to use mobile phones and computers, browse the internet, play games etc. This is exactly why the implementation of interactive 3D in classrooms is supposed to smoothen the process of learning. Children are not alien to technology anymore. They know what it is and it is easy for them to relate with it. Under the supervision of International Research Agency, a study was conducted across seven European countries to determine the impact of 3D in lessons. The research was focused on students between the age group of 10 and 13. 740 students, 47 teachers and 15 schools in Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Great Britain, Turkey and Sweden took part in the project and the study indicated 85% of the students prefered interactive learning! Complex concepts and ideas become incredibly easy to digest when presented as three dimensional interactive imageries. Imagine learning about respiratory system, digestive system or any other mechanisms of human body. When rendered visually, students can go into each structure and experience how things work. They can swiftly move from the whole structure to even the microscopic and cellular levels. On a future advanced level, students can even make simulations and determine how certain actions will change the entire process. For example, they can stop gravity and realize what would happen if there was no gravity or change the rotation of Earth and see what subsequent effect it will have in the solar system! This provides better and clear understanding of each and every concept and students will not have to by heart words anymore. The research of International Research Agency also hinted the significant change in academic results that could happen with the implementation of interactive 3D. The test, organized at experimental conditions showed 86% of students improving their results between pre-test and post-test in 3D classes. And individuals who improved their scores, bettered them by an average of 17%!

Another important element in interactive three dimensional learning is the use of 3D printers. Schools have already started to reap benefits out of it and it is only estimated to grow higher in the near future. 3D printers allow students to have a real touch and feel of the subjects they learn. For example, take the case of mathematics. There are several mathematical shapes and models that a student has to learn. It is incredibly difficult for some students to understand the true nature of such shapes by merely looking at it in a paper. This isn’t quite any learning disability but just the way some human brains function. Now, imagine a 3D printed model of a triangle, rectangle, cube, square, rectangle, pentagon, octagon, hexagon and so on… Students can clearly understand what they are and grasp their unique features. Furthermore, they can easily apply mathematical equations and understand the calculation of area, mass, volume etc… When theorised, the equations are not that easily understood but with a 3D model you can easily understand what are the features that contribute to the equation and how it influences the total shape and structure of the object. The same applies to graphs and other figures in mathematics.

It is not just Mathematics where 3D printers can prove helpful. Imagine you are learning about the pyramids in Egypt or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. How would you like to have a 3D model of the Pyramid or Pisa Tower in your hand! You can sit in your own classroom and get a real feel of any geography, monument or physical structure in the world! When teachers tell you a construction is made of such and such stones or it’s that feet high and long, you really don’t get the complete picture of it. Not anymore… With 3D printers, you can get a real feel of every minute aspect that went into its creation and also understand its salient features that may not even be in the textbooks! Confucius, ancient Chinese teacher said ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand’. This is exactly what happens with 3D interactive learning!

Museums are the best place to revisit history but they restrict you from touching any of their antique collections. Now, what if you could have a 3D replica of any historical instrument or property. Imagine holding a dinosaur fossil or the replica of an ancient kingdom! You could have a clear understanding about the coins, writing system, languages, transportation, employment or any other details of the past. Learning history gets easier with three dimensional interactive methods.

Additionally, there are several startups which make use of 3D games to provide learning assistance for kids. There are games that involve live puzzles to solve various mathematical problems and it also allows to compete with kids around the world. There are also fun games like the one where kids have to calculate area, diameter and radius of the rocket for its successful landing on a planet. Numerous such 3D games also help in empowering interactive education.

In other words, interactive 3D is bound to further glorify the most powerful weapon in the world called education!

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