September 5th, 2017

Why should you show your product before it is manufactured! The power and importance of product visualization.

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In a traditional business scenario, it is only after the manufacturing of a product or its sample that everyone, including the manufacturers and designers would get to know the actual feel of the product. Sellers, investors and agents would have had an idea about the project, but the complete picture will be known only after the arrival of the product. What about a customer? Sure he must have kept an eye on the various commercials, but he will only realize the real impact of the product when he walks into a store and checks out a model. But, in this 21st century, traditional practices are being significantly replaced by enhanced and intensified modern technologies. Today, nobody has to wait till the launch of the product to actually see them. One could see them even before they go into the production stage. This is product visualization!

Efficient Product Lifecycle Management.

Product visualization is nothing but the use of visualization software technology to view and control 3D models, technical drawings and other documents related to the product. In other words, it helps the end user to have a visual representation of the product under design. Though the great Albert Einstein said ‘Imagination is powerful than knowledge’, when it comes to a business product, it is better to supply the knowledge instead of demanding someone to rely on their imagination! Beginning from concept development, product visualization caters to every minute step in the lifespan of a product. Every product has a significant life cycle ranging from the birth of an idea to the design and manufacture and service and disposal. The process of controlling this life cycle from the birth of an idea through design and manufacture to service and disposal is known as product lifecycle management. Product development is an intricate and detailed procedure and the design and manufacturing team has to be equipped with proper Technical Visualization. Previously, such technical visualizations were hand drawn but with the growth of computer graphics, there arrived a new method called Computer Aided Design (CAD). CAD is the use of computer systems to help in the creation, modification and analysis of a design. CAD software helps to improve the productivity of the designer which ultimately helps in the overall quality of the design. CAD helps to create very accurate designs and drawings can be made in 2D or 3D. These drawings can be easily rotated and other computer programmes can also be linked to the software. This way, during designing and manufacturing, the professionals are equipped with detailed technical instructions. There is an advanced version of CAD known as Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID), that combines several graphical display and imaging techniques to view the huge amount of engineering data in an understandable way. This method is based on the idea that there are more customers to 3D data than there are creators and hence CAID is less technical and easier to understand than CAD. Proper Technical visualization during product development smoothens the task of manufacturers and designers and also reduces the risk of confusion. Due to its 3D simulation capabilities, it also brings down the cost that could be incurred during the development of various designs.

Personalized Experiences

The customer is the king of any business and every customer loves a personalized experience. This is what product visualization helps in achieving. There is no other advertising or marketing platform where a consumer feels like he is in control of the product. When a customer can apply personalized settings to a product and analyse how the product functions according to his comfort and will, it is bound to leave a better personal experience on him. This obviously helps in the betterment of the business. There is an age old saying ‘Show… Don’t tell’ among storytellers and filmmakers. Well… 3D visualization can be thought of as a medium of storytelling and the more you show, the lesser you will have to talk about. In fact the talking will be done by your happy customers and that will broaden your product’s mouth publicity. In other words, like self servicing in a restaurant, here customers are the one serving themselves! They really don’t need a technician or a customer sales executive to elaborate the features for them. Similarly, customers also don’t need lengthy product pamphlets to guide them through the operation of the product. A layman person may find it tough to comprehend the procedures in a traditional brochure but he can hardly get confused when there is a visualized product in front of him. There is nothing like the power of a controllable three dimensional image!

Empowers Trust

Any process involving the investment of money is a matter of tension. One cannot afford to be casual or unceremonious there and there is nothing like 3D visualization to convince investors and sponsors for a product. From the very beginning stage of concept development, one could successfully come up with stellar visualizations and thereby reduce the risk and tension for investors and sponsors. An idea might sound great in words. Perhaps a good speaker can convince anybody with his words but the final product may not be anywhere near the so called verbal presentation. This badly affects the reputation and image of your company among the investors. Today, money is not just invested based on your verbal skills. You have to show them what you are planning to achieve. And if your product visualization is stellar, it can broaden the range of investors and they can come in from literally anywhere in the world!

Saves, Money, Energy and Time

Visualizing your product is also a giant money, energy and time saver. The scope of the internet is getting mightier day by day and if you have a well visualized product, millions from around the globe will be able to view and test your product even before you have launched it! It is far less expensive than any other advertising tools too. The world might curiously discuss or they might even open fan forums or pages months or years prior to the official launch of the product! Even outside online platforms, one doesn’t really need fancy equipments or setup to demonstrate the product. Earlier, product designers and engineers had to wait for the product or a prototype to analyse its performance. Now, with visualization, they can easily perform this function even before the product exists. This helps in design or other technical changes which ultimately leads to better understanding of the product. At the worst case scenario, a manufacturing can be wrapped up if product assessment determines the performance not up to the expected level. Imagine the kind of effort that will be wasted if it was in a traditional scenario!

The striking elements of product visualization are indeed its interactive and self understandable nature. Clarity is something everyone craves for and its role is key in the operation of any business. From production to distribution, sales and service every unit will have a pinpointed guidance with visualization. Unless somebody is a big fan of chaos, there is no other reason why they should not make use of 3D visualization!

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